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Exclusive and Exceptional Raw Material
A great finished product starts with the best
The Arctic Ocean, Norwegian Sea, Southern Pacific Ocean, and waters above Eastern Antarctica are currently considered some of the purest oceans in the world, with virtually no overfishing taking place. Nordic Naturals starts with the best raw materials available from these pristine waters between the Lofoten Islands outside of Bodo, Norway. Only 100% Artic Cod, wild Anchovies and Sardines from the Norwegian Sea are used and they are caught during their migration to the West Coast of South America. They are naturally low on the food chain and in impurities. They are naturally high in the Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. Additionally, we use organic evening primrose and borage oils whenever possible for our fish oil blend products. In fact, Nordic Naturals is one of the largest buyers of organic primrose and borage oils in the world.
Exceptional Freshness Levels
Freshness, which ensures product integrity and biological efficacy, may be the single most important quality of fish oils. Nordic Naturalsí patented, oxygen-free manufacturing process delivers peroxide values (indicators of freshness) down to absolute 0.0 mEq/kg, with an average of 0.75 mEq/kg or approximately 14 times below the Norwegian Medicinal Standard and European Pharmacopoeia Standard limits. The lower the peroxide value, the fresher the fish oil.

Exceptional Purity Levels
Purity is a significant concern among fish oil consumers

Nordic Naturalsí raw material is harvested from some of the cleanest waters in the world, and is tested by independent laboratories for heavy metals and over 210 other environmental contaminants. Third party testing shows positively no PCBs or heavy metals, exceeding FDA purity levels by 400 times. Nordic Naturals oils have been tested down to 2.5 particles per billion (a first in the U.S.).

Nordic Naturals is the official Omega-3 of the American Pregnancy Association. See the press release here: American Pregnancy Association
If it is safe for pregnant mothers, then it is pure enough for anyone!

Exceeds International Pharmaceutical Standards
Standards are set to protect consumers

Fish oil quality standards do not exist in the United States. To ensure ongoing quality, Nordic Naturals adheres to and exceeds the stringent Norwegian Medicinal Standard (NMS) and the European Pharmacopoeia Standard (EPS) for all products. These standards guarantee quality products by setting maximum allowances on peroxides, heavy metals, dioxins, furans, and PCBs.

Award-Winning Taste
The key objections to taking fish oils are taste and aftertaste. Nordic Naturals utilizes a proprietary enzymatic process to ensure a completely repeat-free product. Our patented manufacturing process adds natural fruit essences into both the capsule and oil for a light, fruity taste.

Natural triglyceride form of fish oil
Triglycerides are considered the natural form of the essential fatty acid molecule. Over 98% of all fats ingested are in triglyceride form.

Backed by Extensive Research
Formulations are driven by the latest developments
Nordic Naturals is a research driven company, where processing technology and product formulations are driven by the latest developments. Without solicitation, leading research institutions such as Harvard University, Georgetown University, Columbia University, and the National Institute of Health have chosen the Nordic Naturals brand for clinical studies. Nordic Naturals products are currently used in fourteen clinical studies at various research facilities and universities around the world. More studies are added every month.
Environmental Responsibility
Only harvest in areas that have a plentiful supply
Overfishing is a global issue that needs immediate attention by local governments and the international community. Since our inception, Nordic Naturalsí policy has always been to choose fish that are not endangered and to harvest them from waters that are not overfished. Our Arctic Cod is harvested in Arctic Norway between the Lofoten islands outside of BodÝ, Norway. Nordic Naturals also ensures that the fish harvested are utilized 100% for human or animal consumption.
Optimal Blend of Natural Stabilizers
Nordic Naturals has spent over five years researching the impact of various natural stabilizers on fish oil. A recent study completed at Nutrasource Diagnostics in 2005 showed that Nordic Naturalsí product freshness level (measured by peroxide value) increased only 6% over a 36-month period, compared to other products showing an increase of more than 50% over an 18-month period. Exceptional freshness means no fishy smell or odor, and improved compliance and results.

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