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Choice Organic Teas

Choice Organic Teas are manufactured in a certified organic facility where Green-e Certified renewable energy certificates (RECs) from wind power are purchased to offset 100 percent of the facility’s electricity.


Choice Organic Teas - Earl Grey Tea - 16 Bags - Case of 6

Lift your spirits with this traditional tea that



Choice Organic Teas - Organic Breathing Space Tea - 16 Bags - Case of 6

Breathe deep and help maintain healthy airways with this refreshing blend.* Echinacea, one of the most popular immunity-supporting herbs, is paired with elder flower, trusted by herbalists to support healthy sinuses, ears, and throats.* Eucalyptus, known for thousands of years to help support normal respiratory function for healthy breathing, completes the blend.* Enjoy this amber cup with a bright, minty taste.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Choice Organic Teas - Organic Easy Digest Tea - 16 Bags - Case of 6

Soothe your stomach with this warming tonic formulated to aid digestion and relieve occasional indigestion and nausea associated with ordinary motion sickness.* Ginger is the hero of this blend



Choice Organic Teas - Organic Energy Boost Tea - 16 Bags - Case of 6

Recharge your batteries with this crisp, lively blend that supports healthy energy levels and vitality.* Green tea is a great energizer with a myriad of benefits, including immune support, and promotion of cardiovascular and oral health.* It can even support healthy metabolism and skin.* It



Choice Organic Teas - Organic Mental Focus Tea - 16 Bags - Case of 6

Clear your mind with this fresh, lively cup that supports mental clarity and concentration.* Ginkgo is the key to this blend - the leaf from the ancient Chinese tree supports healthy blood flow to the brain.* It



Choice Organic Teas - Organic Regularity Tea - 16 Bags - Case of 6

Get things moving comfortably with this sweet and savory herbal laxative that provides gentle relief of occasional constipation.* This senna leaf blend supports regularity and promotes healthy bowel function without cramping.* It gently coaxes the large intestine, aiding digestion naturally, and typically brings on a bowel movement in four to twelve hours.* Warming herbs such as licorice and ginger root round out the blend, resulting in a rich, velvety taste and sweet relief.*
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Choice Organic Teas - Organic Rest Assured Tea - 16 Bags - Case of 6

Get a good night



Choice Organic Teas - Organic Simply Detox Tea - 16 Bags - Case of 6

Show your liver some love with this deliciously toasty herbal tea.* It features roasted dandelion root, the celebrated liver cleanser, to support healthy liver function and digestion while detoxifying the skin.* Purifying burdock root and full-bodied rooibos round out this health-conscious blend.* This earthy cup has a smoky taste that



Choice Organic Teas - Organic Throat Cozy Tea - 16 Bags - Case of 6

Support throat comfort with this cooling brew that combines trusted elements of traditional Egyptian and Chinese herbal formulas.* Smooth, slippery marshmallow root coats and caresses while sweet licorice root cools and soothes.* Anise, Europe



Choice Organic Teas Ban-Cha Toasted Green Tea - 16 Tea Bags - Case of 6

Honor both mind and body with a cup of this distinctive tea, a daily staple in Japanese life. Immediately after harvest, our growers steam the green tea leaves, then carefully roast them in the Hojicha style. This tea has a smooth, toasty flavor that



Choice Organic Teas Black Tea - 16 Tea Bags - Case of 6

Get back to basics with this superb traditional cup from the Western Ghats of Southern India. Nestled amid mountains and tucked deep within a protected wildlife reserve, the Oothu Tea Garden produces some of the purest tea on earth. We offer it unblended to let its brisk, bright character shine through and invigorate.



Choice Organic Teas Black Tea Masala Chai - Case of 6 - 16 Bags

Spice things up with this bold classic, featuring malty Assam tea from India