Prenatal Support

Prenatal Support

DHA Intake During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is found in every cell in our bodies. It is critical for brain, eye, immune system and central nervous system development and functioning. During pregnancy, developing babies rely on their mothers to get needed DHA. Since DHA is derived from the foods we eat, the content of DHA in a mother's diet determines the amount of DHA passed on to her developing baby. Unfortunately, the majority of pregnant women in the U.S. fail to get the recommended amount of DHA in their diets and DHA is not found in most prenatal vitamins.
Current research suggests adequate levels of DHA may help increase a developing baby’s cognitive functioning, reduce the risk of pre-term labor and decrease the risk of postpartum depression*. Children whose mothers took a DHA supplement during pregnancy scored higher on intelligence tests at four years of age and had advanced attention spans in their second year of life*.
  • Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA is a high concentrate DHA supplement with 450mg of Dha. These are unflavored soft gels and are half the size of a standard soft gel, making them perfect for the most sensitive palate.
  • For those allergic to fish, Spectrum non-fish DHA from micro-algae oil is a safe source of naturally available marine DHA.


Nordic Naturals Postnatal Omega-3- 60 softgels

Nordic Naturals Postnatal Omega-3 has 1120 mg Omega-3  has omega-3 DHA to support neurological development in nursing infants and a potent dose of the omega-3 EPA to support a positive mood after childbirth,as well as optimal fat metabolism along with 1000IU of Vitamin D3 for immune support for both mom and baby.



Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA- Official Omega-3 of APA- 180 softgels

Supports DHA Maintenance During Pregnancy and Lactation, Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA is a high concentrate DHA supplement for mood support, proper memory and neurological function, and proper infant development.



Nordic Naturals Vegan Prenatal DHA-60 softgels-unflavored

Nordic Naturals Vegan Prenatal DHA-60 softgels-Unflavored is derived from sustainable microalgae, this vegan Prenatal DHA formula helps support mothers before, during, and after pregnancy.